Grind Magazine

GRIND™ Magazine is a publication released seasonally for Zarraffa’s Coffee with the intent to connect to people who love their coffee, community and culture.

In essence, GRIND™ is a magazine created by and for devotees of coffee with emphasis on coffee, travel, music, food and lifestyle in one of the greatest locations on earth – Australia!

GRIND™ Magazine is available in every Zarraffa’s Coffee store and is printed with sensitivity to the environment on recycled paper with soya bean inks, making it one of the most environmentally friendly magazines available.

At its heart is a voice and spirit that is loud and proud, reflecting on good quality coffee, conservation, eco gardening, recipes, exotic travel destinations, art, culture, music and more.

Within its pages you’ll find stories from the Zarraffa’s Coffee community and those that highlight our partnerships, represent our culture and champion our values.

We invite you to step out of your daily grind and unwind with a coffee and a copy of GRIND™ Magazine today.